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Preschoolers (3 years to 6 years)

We offer private consultations as well as group classes for parents of preschoolers.  We will get to know your child and your family and offer personalized support for the preschool years.  We are able to personalize a class for your unique needs, or to assist with the following topics:


Bringing Montessori Home:

Participants in this session will learn how to bring Montessori principles into their daily lives.  We will discuss practical life activities at home, the importance of independence, and how to build concentration.  We will also discuss developmentally appropriate practices and commercially available toys.


Disciplining with Love:

This session will address common behavioral issues and their causes. Participants will learn to use natural and logical consequences to curb negative behavior.  We will also discuss building self discipline and encouraging children to make positive choices.  We are able to offer individualized support for parents with specific issues or concerns.



We will discuss the reading process and provide ideas and resources for parents to help their children become fluent, excited readers.  Parents will be given several at-home activities to help make learning to read a fun experience for the whole family.

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