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Toddlers (18 months to age 3)

We offer private consultations and group classes to help you address your toddler's ever-changing needs.  In addition to personalized support, we provide sessions on the following topics:


Preparing an Environment to Foster Independence:

We will discuss setting up a home environment to support your child's development, encourage independence, and build self-esteem.  Topics include practical life activities to do with your child, age-appropriate activities, and avoiding over-stimulation.



Participants in this session will receive recommendations and support with the toileting process.  We will discuss encouraging independence, building routines, and arranging your environment to support your child in this process.


Cooking with Your Toddler:

In this hands-on class participants will learn about child nutrition, tackling 'picky' eaters, and how to involve your child in the kitchen. Particpants will leave with a collection of simple recipes and tips.

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