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Frequently Asked Questions
about Our Waitlist and Application

Do new students enroll on a school year schedule or does enrollment occur throughout the year?

Because the Montessori method is a developmentally-based approach, we transition currently enrolled children to the next level based on developmental readiness, not a calendar schedule. This means that we may have openings year round, though our highest turnover tends to occur in the summer and fall as some of the older children age out into elementary school programs.


When will my child be accepted into Highlands Montessori?

Because of our small size, low turnover, and policy of transitioning children based on development, it can be very difficult to predict any future openings.  Unfortunately childcare in general and Montessori education in particular are in high demand in the Denver metro area.  We recommend that all interested families pursue multiple options.


When I applied I selected that we were interested in the Toddler and/or Primary program, but I see that my application lists us on the Nido (infant) waitlist.  Did I do something wrong?

Unfortunately our waitlist system is fairly low tech and automatically places a child based on age.  Although it functions as 3 separate lists, in essence the waitlist is 1 long list sorted by application date.  Children will automatically age to the toddler list at 12 months and the primary list at 2 years and 3 months.  That being said, we can see which list you applied for and will offer spots accordingly.

If my child ages off of the Nido (infant) or Toddler list without being offered a spot, will I need to apply separately for the next level?

No- our waitlist will automatically move your child to the next level based on date of application.

Help! My child's waitlist position has gone down. Why did this happen?

There are a few different reasons that a child's waitlist number may go down.  Siblings of currently enrolled students and children of staff members are given preference on the waitlist, which may lead to some fluctuation on occasion.  More commonly, when a child turns 12 months old they age off the infant list to the toddler list and when a child turns 2 years and 3 months they age off the toddler list to the primary list.  Our waitlist system automatically places them in the correct spot on the next level waitlist based on their date of application.  This can lead to seemingly fluctuating waitlist numbers; however, rest assured that your spot on the list is strictly determined by date of application and moving up to the next level waitlist does not mean you are starting at the bottom of that list.

If the waitlist is so long, should I even bother applying?

Absolutely!  Our waitlist has no cost to join (which certainly contributes to it's length, but we don't feel right charging a fee until we have a guaranteed space available).  Although the waitlist doesn't move often, when it does we often go down several spots before filling the space as families may have moved, committed to other care, etc.

When do you recommend I apply to the waitlist?

It is never too soon to start planning for childcare and school waitlists.  We have several families who have applied years in advance of wanting or needing a spot.  There is no need to complete a tour before applying.


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